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Because we are inheritors to a history that has not yet ended. More than 2,000 years ago, the Romans left an eternal mark on these lands that today are our home. A historical heritage elaborated from infinite contributions over time that have given rise to a unique legacy, a legacy of all us, our Penedes.

With the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, at Avgvstvs Forvm we celebrate 30 years sharing our Avgvstvs wines and Forvm vinegars with the world, which we make with the same enthusiasm and passion for a job well done since the very first day.

A work that we carry out day by day, with a clear objective: to surprise all the palates and chefs of the world with wines and our bittersweet vinegars of unique character, which are transmitted with every drop, from the effort of a land and families who fight year after year for a common project.

An artisan work that we do by the hand of the second generation, which has more than 12 years picking up the baton of the life project created by our parents and that, adding new technologies, we are making reach the homes and palates of consumers in 40 countries around the world.

Present, past and future of a sustainable winery

The present is a commitment to sustainability and organic viticulture without losing sight of our origins. To this end, we work with the support of innovation to adapt to the new times.

The challenges of the 21st century are enormous, such as the circular economy and adaptation to climate change. In this sense, we believe that our actions must be co-responsible in respect for our environment, for the people who accompany us in this very personal project and for future generations who will assess whether our actions have been up to the task.

We celebrate our 30th anniversary with you

Now is the time to celebrate a whole trajectory. And we want to commemorate these 30 years with various events and surprises to continue with the excellence and tradition of a team committed to our values.

Will you join us? In the coming months we will inform you of all the actions and celebrations we have prepared. We want to celebrate this date with all of you who have always been with us and who will continue to enjoy our brand and life project around the world.

Let’s celebrate together! 

For more information about our activities, visit our blog to stay up to date with Avgvstvs Forvm news.