Because we are inheritors of a history that has not finished yet. More than 2000 years ago the Romans left an eternal legacy on these lands that are now our home. A historical heritage created with infinite contributions over time, which have achieved a unique legacy, a legacy of all, our Penedes.

At Avgvstvs Forvm we celebrate 30 years sharing our Avgvstvs wines and Forvm vinegars. An artisan task that we elaborate with the same illusion and passion for the well-done work, that we carry out from generation to generation, now in its second generation, with more than 12 years of testimony of the life project created by our parents.

A task that, with the help of new technologies, we have managed to make self-sustainable, and that reaches the homes and the palates of wine and vinegar lovers in 40 countries around the world. Let’s celebrate it together!

A wine with more than 2000 years of history

“We are inheritors of a history that has not finished yet.
A journey that still continues”.

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To surprise with wines and vinegars of unique character that transmit our land to all the palates and cuisines of the world.

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To spread the passion for wine and red wines to all cultures.

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Excellence, tradition, innovation, sustainability, teamwork.

Sometimes, the best way to know where you are going to is to remember where you come from. More than 2,300 years ago, the Romans left an eternal legacy on this land that is now our home, and perhaps that is why our understanding of viticulture and winemaking is based on the interpretation of this heritage.

Under our feet, the weight of history. At the bottom of the eyes, the horizon of the sea. And in the hands of a great family, for forty years, the illusion to transform this unique legacy of saline soils and singular microclimate of the maritime Penedes, in wines and vinegars capable of containing a piece of the identity of which we are heirs, in each bottle.

We are, therefore, what we do; where we do it … and how we do it. We are the microvinifications made from autochthonous varieties such as Xarel-lo, Malvasia de Sitges, Macabeu, Garnatxa or Ull de llebre, but we are also the wines of international varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet or Merlot. We are also the mineral soil that thousands of years ago was the sea and the marinade that combs the vines every evening, favouring slow maturation. And above all, we are ecologically sensitive and respect for sustainability in every part of the winemaking process, from the work in the vineyard to the work in the cellar.

In short, our path goes back a long way because we want to go even further, continuing to produce wines that express their origin and artisan wines that for years have been seducing the most refined palates of gourmets from all over the world. Those who appreciate what we at Avgvstvs Forvm have been working for decades: to transform the essence of a landscape full of history into products capable of transporting us to other times, and to share the emotions that come from knowing that we are only spectators of an ancient journey that has not yet ended.

Presented in more than 40 countries around the world..

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