ENOTOURISM Contract Conditions

ORGANIZATION: The technical organization of these activities offered on the Web www.visitavgvstvsforvm.com has been carried out by CELLERS AVGVSTVS FORVM SA, CIF A-58542747, with registered office at Carretera de Sant Vicenç s / n, El Vendrell (43700), as well as same this Web portal, together with www.avgvstvsforvm.com are owned and registered by Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm SA.

PRICES: The prices of these programs are total. (with VAT included). All published prices are for sale to the public, except typographical error, and subject to availability of capacity. All prices may be modified by the organization, as long as the confirmation is not issued.

ALTERATIONS: The organization reserves the right to modify the order and schedules of execution of activities. In the event that for reasons not attributable to the organization, there is the impossibility of providing any of the services under the agreed conditions, the organization will propose to the customer the replacement of these by others of similar characteristics or higher, without involving an increase in price for the client.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The organization will ensure at all times for the good compliance of all contracted services. However, can not be held responsible – for being outside of its activity and the provisions that are required – of the deficiencies, breach and infractions with respect to the responsibilities directly attributable to the companies providing these services or carriers, hotels and similar providers of services, or contracted professionals; as well as – likewise – of uninsured thefts, damages or accidents that could occur both in people and in the objects owned by customers. The ORGANIZATION is not responsible for non-compliance of activities due to meteorological reasons or due to non-compliance with the schedule.

WRAPPING: At any time the client can desist from the services requested or hired, being entitled to the refund of the amounts that he / she would have paid, whether it is the total price or the deposit, but he / she must compensate the organization for the following concepts: management expenses and cancellation expenses (if any).The non-presentation will imply the total loss of the amount paid. The ORGANIZATION reserves the right to vary and cancel the visit, provided that the confirmation sheet is not signed and received by the Organization. (see contracting section).

ACCEPTANCE: The fact of taking part in any of these programs implies the total acceptance by the client of each and every one of these general conditions.

VALIDITY: This program is valid till 31/12/2020.

RECRUITMENT: In case of acceptance of any of our offers, (other than by the online method), you must send an email to enoturismo@avgvstvsforvm.com indicating, date, number of attendees, and type of visit, and wait for confirmation by the party of the organization.If your request is confirmed, you will be sent an email enclosing itineraries and schedules of your visit, and must enter 50% of the total visit within a period not exceeding 20 (from the issuance of the confirmation), in concept reservation, and the rest 36 hours before the departure date. In case of cancellation or disclaimer, the entire reservation will be returned, if this is notified in writing 48 hours before the date of completion of the visit, in case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the departure date, The reservation will not be returned, being justified as compensation to the organizer. BANC SABADELL. ACCOUNT NUMBER: IBAN del Banc Sabadell: ES62 0081 1924 2500 0104 5908. Banc SABADELL Swift: BSAB ESBB. Please send a copy of the transfer and the signed confirmation email (otherwise it will be understood that it is not accepted) and checking the menu option in case it is included, to the Fax number. 977460950 or by email to: enoturismo@avgvstvsforvm.com

CONFIRMATIONS: In the confirmation email, there will be detailed schedules, meeting points, services included and not included, conditions and in case the MENU of the day is contemplated.Please get in touch with the organization urgently and notifying in writing to the email enoturismo@avgvstvsforvm.com, in the event that any of the attendees is allergic to any of the products listed in the menu, (as we can, at your disposal, different alternatives, without variation in the price of the visit), or suffer from any illness that the organization should know.

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