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Enoturista de Rac1″ (Catalan radio program) tastes the white wine Chardonnay from Avgvstvs Forvm”

Avgvstvs Forvm’s Avgvstvs Chardonnay white wine has been a protagonist this summer of the Enoturista web, a website dedicated to the world of wines and travel, and which collaborates with Radio Rac1. Those responsible of the program visited the winery in the Penedes and were able to taste on site this fresh wine made with the international variety, which they described as a success and comparable to the song of the summer.

During their visit which they also immortalized in a video, recorded in the middle of the vineyards of the Penedes just a few kilometres from El Vendrell, they pointed out the fact that the wine is elaborated close to the Mediterranean Sea and that, Avgvstvs Chardonnay, fermented in French oak barrels, is to enhance its aromatic character and its flavour. According to Enoturista, this variety of white wine has a taste of tropical fruit, citrus, toasted and dry fruits, but at the same time creamy marked by the Mediterranean character.

The popular web site also highlighted the option of wine tourism close Tarragona that Avgvstvs Forvm winery offers, especially the options of gourmet visits with tastings of different dishes elaborated with Forvm vinegars, produced in the same property, as well as the multiple languages in which these wine tours and other activities are offered.

If you would like to know out of first-hand what wine tourists think of Avgvstvs Forvm and Avgvstvs Chardonnay, you can read the card they have dedicated to you, as well as watch the video recorded during their visit to the winery, at this link.