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Forvm Workshop, the cooking masterclass with vinegar for young chefs, will reach 1,100 students this year

Vinegar is one of the must-have ingredients in many restaurants, but very few chefs are able to cook with vinegar that goes beyond the most common applications. To promote the use of gourmet vinegar in the restaurant world, Avgvstvs Forvm Winery has been promoting Forvm Workshops for fourteen years, a training program aimed mainly at young chefs, which will reach 1,100 students this year, with the participation from 35 national and international centers.

This program, which is based on a friendly and practical training, was born after the winery discovered the great ignorance in the culinary world about the possibilities of cooking with quality vinegars such as those produced at Avgvstvs Forvm Winery , and they have endless possibilities as: fish, meats, rice, sauces, soups, desserts, or even cocktails. The goal is for new generations of chefs and hospitality business owners to know how to take advantage of this high-value Penedes gastronomic product.

Surprise with vinegar cooking applications

The goal of Forvm Workshops is to open the minds of young chefs, according to Albert Roca, commercial director of Avgvstvs Forvm Wineries. In this way, we want to reveal all the characteristics and qualities of our vinegar, as well as surprise with the different applications it has in the culinary world, all from a practical point of view. All of these tools, as well as disseminating knowledge of the products of the Penedes winery, must also be used to provide young people with innovative and creative tools in their future career.

Thus, students taking part in this activity get to know first-hand the facilities of the Avgvstvs Forvm winery, the vineyards and the process of making vinegar, but also receive practical training on the many possibilities of cooking with vinegar.

The program is aimed at hospitality schools and young chefs, and has attracted a large number of national centers, but also from outside Spain. In fact, the first school that opted for Forvm Workshops was the Belgian Ter Groene Poorte, based in Bruges/ Belgium.

A world of recipes with vinegar at your fingertips

The Forvm Workshop program also benefits from the large number of Forvm vinegar recipes, which have been produced by reputable chefs around the world, thanks to this gourmet product beyond our borders and its presence at major international events, such as the Nobel Prize gala dinner in Stockholm (Sweden) or Master Chef Australia.

These trainings allow Avgvstvs Forvm Wineries to value the excellence of all the work done in the winery and also serves to connect with this new generation of chefs and hospitality professionals. They always transmit a lot of energy and creativity to us, says Avgvstvs Forvm’s chief commercial officer.

The Forvm Workshop program is still open for new hospitality schools and young chefs interested in discovering cooking with vinegar. Ask us for more information and join this innovative program.