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The gastronomic experience for wine tours to the World Heritage Site of Tarragona

The Roman Tarragona enamours thousands of tourists every year, who visit the remains of the ancient capital of Hispania, whose monuments have resisted the 2,000-year period living with the modern city. UNESCO recognized the value of the monumental complex in 2000 declaring it a World Heritage of Humanity, a recognition that extends its influence to other spaces where Roman history is still present. An environment where it is possible to combine cultural tourism with wine tourism, and gastronomic experience in a unique environment like that of Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm.

Tarraco was the first city founded by the Romans on the Iberian Peninsula, and an example of splendour. In the XXI century, we can still be aware of its importance with the visit to monuments such as the spectacular amphitheatre, the aqueduct, or the beauty of the remains of the Roman circus, among many other examples. More than a kilometre of Roman wall waiting for you in Tarragona to be visited, in a getaway that you can combine with many other cultural visits.

Via Augusta, our roots

Via Augusta was the name that the main road received which communicated Roman Tarragona with the rest of the Empire. Its name is due to Emperor Augustus, who lived for a year in the 1st century BC in Tarraco and was responsible for reorganizing the communication to the territory. Through its route in direction towards Barcelona we can discover monuments that are also a World Heritage Site, such as the Scipio tower or the Arc de Berà, and enter the territory as fascinating as the Penedès, where the cultivation of the vineyard and the Visits to wineries are one of the great attractions, and where, just minutes from Tarragona, Bodegas Avgvstvs Forvm awaits you.

Gastronomic experiences and tasteful wine tourism visits to Tarraco

Among the wine tourism offer in Tarragona, Avgvstvs Forvm stands out for having been built precisely on the remains of the old Augusta road. Emperor Augustus and the Roman world, in addition, were the ones who inspired the name of the brand and its products. That is why the experience of wine tourism and gastronomy between its vineyards is the perfect complement for a visit to Roman Tarragona. Among the offer of wine tourism, Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm will find proposals based on wine tasting and vinegar, or gourmet visits to combine our products with the gastronomic specialties of the region. We also offer proposals for children of the family, with many surprises, guaranteed gift and taste adaptation. Therefore, at Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm, you can dive into Roman history and its World Heritage Site through the five senses, with a gastronomic and wine tourism experience that will make your trip memorable.

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