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Choose the perfect union between wine tourism and gastronomy with a visit including a cheese pairing in the winery of Avgvstvs FORVM

Few couples have such good chemistry as the union between wine tourism and gastronomy. The possibility to discover all the nuances of the wines of the DO Penedes accompanied by the tasting of some of the specialties of Mediterranean cuisine is a unique experience that in Avgvstvs FORVM we take a step further with our chees-wine-pairing-tours.

Our gourmet Vinegar production allows us to offer a unique and original visit, where you will learn a lot of secrets about this internationally renowned product. But we also like to surprise our visitors’ palate with combinations of food and wine that we change according to the season and that will allow you to dive into a universe of unforgettable flavors and textures.

Wine Tourism with vinegar tasting

The visit Gourmet FORVM will take you to the discover our FORVM vinegars and bring you closer to a gourmet universe full of possibilities for your dishes and cuisine. The different varieties of gourmet vinegar we produce are designed to bring this condiment far beyond the typical accompaniment of a salad, and the tastings that we propose to you will allow you to learn to appreciate all the nuances, possible uses and characteristics.

It is also a unique opportunity in the Penedes to know about the process of making vinegar and learn how these prestigious gourmet varieties are produced, present in the kitchen of prestigious chefs and even this past December, at the gala dinner of the Nobel award in Stockholm. And of this wine tour with food-pairing, you will also enjoy some learned culinary skills, as we will teach you to prepare vegan honey with our Forvm Chardonnay, and other secrets.

Wine tourism visits with original pairing

If you prefer an alliance between the Penedes wines and the Tarragona gastronomy that will surprise you, then your choice should be one of our tours with food pairing that we pose with products of different dishes according to the season.

Among our range of activities, we suggest that you try some of the varieties of Avgvstvs wines accompanied by different types of cheese, a sum that you will surely enjoy and detect new details in flavours, aromas and textures. But our wine tourism offer in the Penedes always seeks to surprise, and according to the season we offer new pairing options, such as the combination of wine and chocolate tasting that we are preparing for the month of April.

All our wine-tours, moreover, include a visit to our facilities in Sant Vicenç de Calders, to make you inspired by an idyllic landscape with views of the Mediterranean and an estate where you can enjoy the history among the vineyards.

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