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Cabbage roll stuffed with crispy pork cheek and chipotle mayonnaise with Forvm Cabernet

Type of plateMeat
Type of vinegarCabernet Sauvignon

2 pig faces 
360 ml oil AOVE Forvm Arbequina
2 garlic
2 thyme
4 cabbage leaves
2 onions
2 carrots
1 leek
60 ml Forvm Cabernet vinegar
1 chipotle


We cook the pic faces at 80º for 12 hours salt, pepper, olive oil AOVE Forvm Arbequina, garlic and thyme.

Blanch the cabbage leaves.

For the pickle

Cut the vegetables into julienne strips, and brown them with a little oil. Add the rest of the oil, the Forvm Cabernet vinegar and cook gently for half an hour, until they are tender. We booked.

We mark the faces in a frying pan, so that it is crispy. We open the cabbage leaf and add the pickled vegetables and the chopped faces, close and roll up the leaf. Sauce with a little sauce from the roast of the faces.

We present with 3 points of chipotle mayonnaise and coriander leaves.

Thanks for this recipe to chef Armando, from CAPET restaurant, in Barcelona.