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Clams with artichoke in Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar marinade, dried tomato and basil pesto with walnuts

Type of plateFish
Type of vinegarForvm Cabernet Sauvignon

For the pickled artichokes
4 artichokes
Olive oil
Forvm Cabernet vinegar
White wine 
Salt and pepper 
For the basil and walnut pesto
1 bunch Basil previously blanched
50 gr walnuts
½ clove of garlic
Olive oil, salt and pepper 
For the garnish
Dried tomato in olive oil
Onion confit 


For the marinade 

Clean the artichokes and cut them in slices. Fry in olive oil until lightly colored. Add salt and pepper and white wine. Once reduced add a splash of vinegar and cook covered for a few minutes. 

For the Pesto

Grind all the ingredients with the olive oil until the sauce texture is obtained. 

Final presentation

In a casserole, add the onion confit, the dried tomato, the artichokes with their own juice from the marinade and the clams. Add a little broth and cover until the clams open. Serve the ingredients and add a few dots of basil pesto on the plate. 

Recipe thanks to chef David Vernet (Vell Papiol Restaurant, in Calafell)