Gourmet recipes

Grilled octopus

Type of plateFish
Type of vinegarForvm Cabernet Sauvignon

4-8 boiled octopus legs
Extra virgin olive oil
1 onion
4 potatoes
Fine salt
Salt scales
Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar


  1. We prepare the potato parmentier and booked.
  2. For the reduction, add 100 ml of Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar over low heat, letting it gradually reduce until obtaining the desired reduction and texture (about 100 ml aprox.). Important: keep in mind that the reduction when it is hot has a liquid texture and when it cools it is naturally thickened.
  3. Cut the onion and fry it over low heat until it is transparent and soft.
  4. Spread the grill with olive oil and put it to heat. Mark the octopus legs until golden brown, and season to taste while remaining in the fire.
  5. Emplatamos immediately, creating a bed of parmentier on which we place the legs of octopus and the onion. Apply Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar reduction strips with a bottle or spoon, and season with the sea salt scales to finish.