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Mellow rice with duck confit, mushrooms with Flavivs vinegar

Type of plateRice
Type of vinegarFlavivs

120 gr. of “Marisma” rice form Delta de l’Ebre
80 gr. of confit duck leg
80 gr mushrooms (selection of different mushrooms)
Meat and vegetable broth
Catalan “picada” (minced dry bread, pine-seats, almonds, hazelnut)
White wine Avgvstvs LOOK
Flavivs Reserve vinegar


  1. In a casserole, slow fry the mushrooms with the white wine Avgvstvs LOOK and a small spoonful of Flavivs Reserva vinegar
  2. Once reduced, add the rice and cook well. 
  3. Add the picada 
  4. Add salt to the taste and add the broth little by little. 
  5. Once the rice is to our taste, add some red fruits on top to counteract the greasiness of the grease of the duck. 

Recipe created by La Cuina de la Marga