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Millefeuille of osmotized apple with Forvm Chardonnay vinegar and Vinaròs prawns

Type of plateAppetizer
Type of vinegarForvm Chardonnay

2 un. Fuji apple
1 dl. Vinagre Forvm Chardonnay
20 gr sugar    
20 un. Vinaròs prawns      
100 gr Hake loin
1 dl. mild olive oil 
1 un. egg yolk 
c/n salt


  1. Make a syrup with 600 g of water, sugar and 0.7 dl of vinegar. Cut the apples into very thin slices in the slicer, using the most beautiful ones.  
  2. Dip the apple slices in the cold syrup and vacuum at 99% for 12 seconds. The slices should be transparent and a little elastic. 
  3. Add the prawn heads to the olive oil and fry lightly, mashing the heads until they release their juices. Pass through a sieve to obtain an oil with a seafood flavour. Leave to cool. 
  4. Make a mayonnaise with the egg yolks, seafood oil, FORVM vinegar and salt. 
  5. Boil the hake and prawn tails in very little water for just the right amount of time. 
  6. Make a salad with the chopped and well-drained hake and prawns with the seafood mayonnaise. 


Make the millefeuille by putting layers of apple and salad, about six layers. Then place it vertically on the plate and add a couple of stalks of chives and chopped chives. 

Recipe from José Miguel García-Escudero Ulibarri, Escuela de Hotelería de Guayente professor.