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Panellets of forvm merlot vinegar

Type of plateDessert
Type of vinegarForvm Merlot

550gr almond powder
420gr of icing sugar
50 g dextrose
100gr egg whites
50gr Forvm Merlot vinegar
zest of a lemon
4 drops of essential oil of bitter almonds

Forvm Merlot vinegar reduction ingredients
200gr Forvm Merlot vinegar
50 g glucose


  1. In the mixer mix the icing sugar, dextrose, almond powder and the essential oil of bitter almonds.
  2. Add the egg whites, Forvm Merlot vinegar, the lemon zest, mix up the complex and set aside in refrigerator covering the dough directly with film.
  3. Cut pieces of 15gr.
  4. Work the marzipan with the least amount of flour on the table.
  5. Make balls and adorn them with icing sugar.
  6. Make a hole in the centre of each “panallet”.
  7. Bake at 240 ° C and 250 ° C with double or triple can.
  8. Once they are cooked and cold, fill the hole with a reduction of Forvm Merlot vinegar.

Forvm Merlot vinegar reduction elaboration

  1. Put the glucose into a pot and add the vinegar and heat to medium temperature.
  2. Heat up the until 108 Cº
  3. Let cool down.
  4. Fill the holes of the “panellets”.