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pastrami forvm

Pastrami Rock’n’Roll with Forvm Chardonnay

Type of plateMeat
Type of vinegarForvm Chardonnay

70 gr Pastrami cut to 1,5mm    
100 gr Pesto Genovese 
30 ml Forvm Chardonnay 
15 gr Flower honey
1 unit Rock’n Roll Bread 
20 gr Tartar Sauce
20 gr Red onion in Brunoise
5 gr Chopped chives in brunoise
20 gr Capers in brunoise
40 gr Gherkins in brunoise
5 drops HP brand sauce
10 drops Tabasco
½ Hardboiled egg in brunoise
300 gr Mayonn. Forvm Chardonn. 
1 tablespooon Yogurt 
20 gr Green chillies 
½  orange Orange juice
Ground pepper 
5 gr Roasted & chopped pistachios
Flakes of coarse salt (Maldon) 
10 leaves Arugula
¼ Hearts of lettuce
10 gr Liquid pistachio paste
15 ml Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Cut the Rock’n’Roll bread in half and bake it in the oven until toasted. 
  2. Fill it with a base of tartar, red onion, pastrami and heat 30 seconds in the oven. 
  3. For the pesto vinaigrette we mix 100 gr of pesto Genovesawith 30 ml Forvm CHARDONNAY vinegar.
  4. Finish decorating with the pistachio paste, pesto vinaigrette, tartar sauce, Maldon salt, arugula, chopped toasted pistachios, extra virgin olive oil and the rest of the ingredients.  

Recipe from chef Jordi Guillem for Celler de l’Avi restaurant (Calafell).