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Delve into all the secrets of cooking with Forvm vinegar varieties

If these days of confinement you have been able to dedicate more time to cooking, how about taking advantage of the vinegar for more than just accompanying salads? At Avgvstvs Forvm Winery we have always believed in the production of high-quality gourmet vinegars, with a very long list of gastronomic applications that have been protagonists in the kitchens of some of the world’s most renowned chefs, or even at events such as the gala dinner of the Nobel Awards.

The entire family of Forvm vinegars is still available these days in our online store where you can buy the variety that you like the most and we will bring it to your home. Also, without leaving home, you can browse the dozens of recipes with Forvm vinegar that we propose on our website, and that will surely inspire you to explore cooking with vinegar.

Forvm: gourmet vinegars – perfect for cooking

At Avgvstvs Forvm Winery we produce four Forvm vinegar varieties, each with its own aging process and from different wine varieties. A range of possibilities in which everyone can find a gourmet vinegar perfect for their tastes, or that adapts to different types of recipes and applications of cooking with vinegar.

All of them offer options to experiment and innovate in your kitchen. From sauces or vinaigrettes, to more innovative molecular cuisine options, accompanying all kinds of products or as a key ingredient when preparing pastry. Even vinegar can help you change the textures of food or cook it without the need for fire.

Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, made from the same grape variety, undergoes an aging process in barrel for eight years. The result, with elegant notes in its aroma and a balance between sweetness and bitterness in its flavour, makes it a perfect vinegar to be cooked over low heat and get delicious sauces with it, but also ice creams or other types of sweet desserts. And, of course, it is perfect to accompany fruit or salads.

Forvm Chardonnay vinegar is a unique variety, which stands out for its transparent colour, with a citrus aroma and a sweet touch in its flavour. It is made from the best wines of the Chardonnay variety, and when applied to cooking with vinegar it is perfect for fish and seafood dishes, as well as for slow-fire reductions. It is also a gourmet vinegar aged for three years with many possibilities and a surprising result.

Forvm Merlot is the youngest vinegar in the family, made without the need for aging, and which adds to its energetic and sweet flavour a colour of violet and reddish tones that, aesthetically, are perfect to accompany different dishes. This vinegar is also highly recommended to create sauces or desserts.

Finally, the family is completed with the Flavivs Reserva, a jewel of gourmet vinegars, the fruit of 25 years of aging. It is the vinegar for those most demanding recipes, a whole world of possibilities that some of the world’s leading chefs have exploited.

Recipes to premiere in the kitchen with vinegar

To discover all the secrets of cooking with vinegar, there is nothing better than doing it with the advice of those who know the most about it. For this reason, on our website you will find a long list of recipes prepared by prestigious chefs, gastronomy experts or even some of our clients, who will discover all the possibilities that our gourmet vinegars have. In this sense, at Avgvstvs Forvm Winery we work with a group of about thirty cooking schools in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and other countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

With our recipes you can, for example, learn to make a cocktail with one of the Forvm vinegars, discover all the sauces that can accompany meat and fish dishes that you can make from our products, or bet on very original desserts such as some delicious vinegar panellets.

Seafood, pasta, fish, or more exotic proposals such as sushi, as well as recipes for the delicious vinaigrettes that you can create with Forvm vinegars. All from the hand of such prestigious names and with the maximum recognition of three Michelin stars such as Gordon Ramsay (Great Britain), Michel Guérard (France) or Celler de Can Roca (Girona). We also work with other prestigious restaurants and chefs such as José Andrés (based in the United States), the Collage or San Pau teams in Tokyo (Japan), or the prestigious The Fat Duck and The Waterside Inn I Great Britain.

Discover the world of cooking with vinegar and start experimenting with our gourmet vinegars and the recipes we offer you at Avgvstvs Forvm Winery.