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Wine tourism experiences: the original gift for Christmas

Giving away experiences is increasingly a customary habit, and even more during Christmas holidays. Those who are looking for original gifts know that with this option they will be offering their loved ones a few hours of enjoyment, or even the possibility of trying an activity that is totally new for them. It is also a type of gift that assures us to surprise the person who receives it.

Within the entire range of experiences, wine tourism proposals stand out as a perfect gift for many person profiles. From wine enthusiasts, to young people looking for different proposals, to families looking for a joint activity for adults and children.

A safe bet for wine tourism in Tarragona

One of the advantages of wine tourism is that it combines the visit to a different and surprising place, the discovery of a tradition with centuries of history in the territory and a charming landscape, with all the attractions of gastronomic tourism. A visit to a winery in Tarragona allows you to delve into the secrets of the cultivation of the vineyard, learn more about the characteristics of the wine and its production, as well as discover some basic tips to learn how to taste it.

Some wineries also allow combining this activity with other products that are produced in the same winery. In Avgvstvs Forvm Winery we distinguish ourselves from the rest because we allow you to enter the world of the production of our gourmet vinegar, an original proposal with which you can also surprise a cooking enthusiast. In short, a wide range of possibilities to get a perfect gift of experiences.

In addition, very often the visit to a winery is combined with gastronomic pairing proposals, which may include products from the local Penedes cuisine, assorted cheeses or even more surprising proposals such as chocolate.

An activity for everyone

Many people do have doubts when giving away wine tourism as they consider it an activity only for wine enthusiasts and people with knowledge of oenology. The reality, however, is very different, since a visit to a winery in Penedes is not only a perfect option to enter from scratch in the techniques to taste and identify wines, but an exciting option also for people who are not large wine consumers.

The cultivation of vineyards has a tradition of many centuries in Tarragona and Catalonia, and to get into its history is to know more about our culture and gastronomic heritage. In addition, the visit to our winery can also be adapted for people who do not consume alcohol, who can also enjoy the experience, as well as proposals for the family audience with children as main protagonists.

In Avgvstvs Forvm Winery we have a wide offer of wine tourism ideal as Christmas present. You can choose between visits to the winery, cheese pairings, tastings of our gourmet vinegars, or more surprising proposals such as the combination with concerts and other cultural experiences, not forgetting our family visit, where you can enjoy both; large and small, and visits combined with other attractions of the Penedes, such as the Pau Casals Museum at El Vendrell or the Espai Xocolata Simón Coll (Chocolate museum).

Now, in addition, we make it very easy to buy your gift with a single click. Visit our online wine tourism reservation service and select the option I want it as a gift. This way, you can purchase the visit to the Avgvstvs Forvm winery without choosing a fix date, and it will be the person who receives it who can choose when to use it.

Find out about our wine tourism experiences and surprise these holidays with an original gift that you will always remember.